Joanna Payne

Scooby-Dos would like to introduce Joanna Payne. She joined our family in the fall of 2015.  Her grooming experience began several years ago when she bred and groomed miniature Schnauzers.  To hone her skills she enrolled and graduated from the Nanhall School of Professional Dog Grooming in 2015.  Joanna brings a high level of enthusiasm, compassion and customer service to the team.  She is the proud mama of Deklin, a miniature Schnauzer, who often accompanies her on appointments.  In her free time, she enjoys hiking, camping and traveling.  She also volunteers her time to assist at the feral cat clinic.   

(336) 423-6344

 ​Scooby-Dos Mobile Pet Grooming, Inc

Joanna visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. 

Deklin is Joanna's sidekick. ​ He is 4 years old and is high energy!  He loves being outdoors and playing with other dogs.  His favorite toy is Mr. Bill. 




Jody Bitzenhofer and Gomez


 I adopted Gomez from the Davidson County Animal Shelter in Lexington . I wanted a small dog that I could take everywhere.  Gomez has a wonderful outgoing personality and is such a character!  He accompanies me most days on my appointments.  

Jody Bitzenhofer

People often ask how Scooby-Dos came to be. My best answer is that it started when I was a little girl and I loved every animal I came across.  Growing up I had cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, snakes, rabbits, mice etc.  I loved them all... well maybe not so much the snakes, they belonged to my brother.  In my early adult years I worked at an animal hospital for about 5 years.  I always had a passion and compassion for animals.  In my early 20's I got side tracked with my love of food and pursued a career in the culinary field  I graduated culinary school and spent approximately 10 years in the industry.  In 2006 I quit my career to pursue my first love, animals.  I enrolled in Nanhall School of Professional Dog grooming in Greensboro.  Upon graduation, I interned at the school for an additional 6 months. I then bought my first grooming truck and opened Scooby-Dos.   I love what I do and I cherish my Scooby family.  I strive to go above and beyond to provide the best service in High Point. I would love to serve you, too!